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Unleashing Trapped Joy (Even When it Feels Scary)

April 05, 2022 Alyssa Patmos Season 1 Episode 28
Make it Mentionable with Alyssa Patmos
Unleashing Trapped Joy (Even When it Feels Scary)
Show Notes

This week’s episode is just you and me talking about joy. More specifically, we’re talking about trapped joy because I’ve found that sometimes joy is one of our most terrifying feelings. I break down what trapped joy is and how we can start experiencing more joy in our daily lives.

You might be experiencing trapped joy if you’ve ever been on a date and found yourself not wanting to show how happy you are, so you bite the inside of your cheek. Or maybe you’re like me, and it’s really easy to talk about something challenging you’re going through, but sharing what’s great can feel significantly more uncomfortable. 

We’re talking about how to experience and express your joy more fully this week, and it starts with unleashing your trapped joy. I tell the story of how I was terrified to express joy this past Thanksgiving and share my top Joy Inducers right now.

Joy is a theme that appears in many episodes of this show. During this episode, I also reference these episodes: 

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Joy can be contagious. What are your top Joy Inducers? Share them with me in the comments here:

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