Make it Mentionable with Alyssa Patmos

Shame, Trauma, and Self-Worth with Gail Wisner

October 26, 2021 Alyssa Patmos Season 1 Episode 4
Make it Mentionable with Alyssa Patmos
Shame, Trauma, and Self-Worth with Gail Wisner
Show Notes

In this episode, Gail Wisner joins me for a deep conversation on boundaries, addiction, self-worth, emotional suppression and expression, the value of sitting in discomfort, and learning to trust your intuition after it has been inhibited. 

This deeply vulnerable conversation highlights some of the darker sides of being human while simultaneously shedding light on the power of self-love and the deep connection between pain and joy.

We also discuss women’s role in the patriarchy and how our relationships with ourselves influences our relationships with partners. This episode encompasses themes that plague many of us (especially women) but may not always feel appropriate to talk about—unless you’re paying to sit on a therapist’s couch. In a world rife with division, this conversation is deeply human. 


Over the past 10 years, Gail’s health and business coaching has evolved into coaching parents and teens. She says, “Health and well-being is defined not only by where you live and what you eat, but how you treat yourself and those around you. We are deeply connected and affected by all those in our family unit, even when they are not in our physical proximity. Therefore, our health and well being directly impacts the health and well being of our spouse and children. When we take the time to integrate past traumas or other life challenges, it allows us to live a life that is free of worry, stress, sadness and fear. Instead, we get to live a life of vibrant health, meaning and purpose, and of course joy and abundance.” 

A transcription of the episode is available here.


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